The main activity – turning of mainly metal parts – is performed at the location in Dolenja Trebuša (Tolmin).

The company is specialized in the turning process and the related processes, such as drilling, milling,  threading, rendering, degreasing, assembly of turned parts, deburring and polishing of turned parts, anticorrosive protection of turned parts…

In cooperation with external partners, we can offer to our customers:

  • various galvanic surface treatments of turned parts, according to the customer’s specifications and demands,
  • thermal treatment of turned parts,
  • grinding of turned parts.

We are specialized in production of turned parts of various dimensions:

– turning diameters from 1 to 65 mm,

– turning lengths from 2 to 250 mm.

The machinery park provides us with efficient production and covers the needs of turned parts in quantities from hundred pieces to a few million pieces per year and position.

We treat the following types of materials of various shapes (round, rectangular, hexagon rods, pipes and different types of profiles):

– different types of steel,

– stainless steel,

– brass,

– copper,

– aluminium,

– plastics material.

We make products for:

– automotive industry,

– electrical engineering industry,

– white goods industry,

– medical industry,

– hydraulic industry,

– other industries.

The machinery park is composed of:

– single-spindle automatic lathes,

– multi-spindle automatic lathes,

– long turning automatic lathes,

– CNC lathes,

– multi-spindle CNC driven turning machines,

– rotary transfer machines

– micro CNC lathes – MST,

– assembly machines,

– machines for degreasing turned parts,

– machines for vibratory deburring and polishing.

According to various demands of our buyers, we offer:

– supply on call-off,

– consignment,

– individual supply,

– supply from stock.