Depending on the workpiece geometry, we can offer the production of turned parts in medium to large batches:

  1. Multi-spindle machines
  • curved surface machines,
  • fully CNC-controlled machines,
  • maximum diameter of a workpiece is 45 mm,
  • suitable for complete machining of simple and complex precise turned parts,
  • short production time due to the simultaneous machining of 6 turned parts,
  • suitable for the production of medium and large batches as well as the production of turned parts in small batches,
  • possibility of machining of the workpiece back side,
  • automatic feeding of bars
  • high-pressure pumps for increasing lifespan of the tools and adequate surfaces of the turned parts.


  1. Rotary transfer machines
  • suitable for production of large batches of turned parts of diameter 3.0 mm up to no more than 42 mm
  • High-productivity of machines